me: are you close to the center of the crowd?
you: like center left 15ft back
me: we are close to you i think but may be easier to meet on the way out
you: put your hand up
me: just did
me: put yours up!
you: hands are waving
you: 2 hands are up
me: lol i see you

pineapple emoji

Her flowers, I feel, are screaming.


“[Ruth] Wolf-Rehfeldt’s desire to make art did not survive the demise of the German Democratic Republic.”

1:29pm, sunny. I want to take a nap

drafting text messages by hand

Eating pistachios in the dark seems risky
2:38 AM · Dec 13, 2017

jamais deux sans trois

My office job is rly good for my art practice

Im serious

Sunflower seeds everywhere
12:47 AM · Dec 7, 2017

Pasta with
Ham x
Figs x
Green beans
Parmesan x
Arugula x

Aren’t love stories the only stories? Don’t @ me

Watching birds out the office window again
12:33 PM · Mar 5, 2018

“It’s a good day for an 8 minute walk along the river”

Damien Hirst would be a good band name
2:44 PM - 31 Jan 2018

separation anxiety

the avant garde is an institution too

He asked me “are you catholic?” and then answered his own question: “used to be!”

i  never write about art. i should write about art.

grocery list:
bok choy
toilet paper
red onion

Life feels really big sometimes

general ideas/themes:
nam june paik's "tv garden" and fishtank
zoomed in
digital nostalgia
nostalgia isn't what it used to be
"seeing is believing"
phone ringing, water dripping
"something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"
google search suggestions
make matching shirts
"minty fresh”

Say it like u mean it

1000 pictures of the sky

“Anyone in mitte want to get ice cream?”

club sandwich w bacon and egg and turkey and cucumber, and ice tea. 8,40 eur by the Berliner Dom

ok this cat needs to stop eating my plants

Sky colored boy





iMessage with Gillian
2/26/18, 9:41 PM

do you want to chat for a beret

yeah for sure

give me in minute


autocorrect is out of control

[9:43 AM] 
guten taaaag
i have nothing important to say but wanted to say hi :^)
hope you were reunited and it felt so good
also i cut off all my hair yesterday lol
*went to a salon and had someone else cut it off
it looks....okay? you can judge for yourself on saturday

forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

Aldi talk app
8 euro

“thousands of plants under a glass dome”

Watching birds out the office window
10:19 AM · Dec 8, 2017

Setting clouds, what an image. Haunting. Have the clouds set upon me? How would I know?

Here is not there
Here is also there
There but also here
Where does here stop and there begin

5:22pm it's still pretty light out

Ok seriously how is it only Wednesday
11:33 AM · Dec 13, 2017

me: I’m sorry I can’t hear you will you text me?
me: fullerton and California!
teddy: I should come there?
me: yes!
teddy: ok!
teddy: 5 min
me: ok
me: same for us
teddy: I’m here where r u!? lol
me: like 4 mins away!!
me: on Milwaukee

Thank god I didn’t lose my passport at the party
5:47 AM · Dec 8, 2017

i love you so much

I miss my clogs
4:02 PM · Jul 6, 2018

it’s 62 degrees outside and you’re looking directly into the sun 

eben - just, simply
zusammenbrechen - to collapse
Was soll’s? - what the hell?
Komm schon rein - Come on in
glatt - smooth
quetschen - to squeeze
sowieso - anyhow, anyway
woanders - somewhere else
der Kram - junk, stuff
sich beruhigen - to calm down
überhaupt - at all, anyhow, in general
bloß - only, merely
absagen - to cancel
kaum - hardly, barely
bestimmen - determine, define
inzwischen - meanwhile

less than an arm's length away

i’m not making this up how could i

the first line of "inferno" by eileen myles: "My English professor's ass was so beautiful."

thank u

I swear I spellchecked this

I’m not being resistant! Well maybe a little resistant. But whatever.

Halt mich auf dem Laufenden